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Building a custom home is a complicated process. There are a lot of factors that can – and do – change the price of a custom built home. Use the calculator below to get a general idea of what will make a big change in your custom home, then contact our team of experts to get a more accurate quote.

Quick Quote Calculator

Get an idea of the major factors that will influence your custom built home’s final price.


How Does the Quick Quote Calculator Work?

Step 1

Enter the details of your desired custom home. The number at the bottom will change based on your selections.

Step 2

Be sure to read the notes below about what the calculator does and does not include.

Step 3

When you’ve set your ideal parameters into the calculator, send the information to us using the convenient form below the calculator. We’ll contact you to discuss your results.

Noes about the Quick Quote Calculator:

  1. This calculator gives you a general idea of cost – it is not a true or official estimate of cost for a specific home.
  2. This calculator does not include land, demolition or land clearing, plot leveling or site work, architect or house plan fees, permits, engineering work, taxes, insurance, inspection, or other costs.
  3. Certain layouts may change your price drastically, even though this calculator may not reflect those changes. For example, an “L” shaped house may be more costly than a simple rectangle shaped house.
  4. Location may play a big part of your home building costs. If your property is far away, or at a hard-to-access location, additional charges may be incurred.

Although this calculator will give you a general idea of costs, and how costs impact your custom home’s final price, we strongly suggest meeting with one of our custom home experts to discuss your options and budget.


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